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Meat Roofing

The Standing Seam Metal Roof

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A Brief Overview

The standing seam metal roof is a commonly used roofing system for residential homes, commercial establishments, and industrial properties. The name of this metal roofing originates from the seam that forms when you lay the sheet metal panels side by side. The panels are then joined together at the seam by different methods.

Methods of Fastening In Standing Seam Metal Roof

Some use concealed fasteners; others use metal clamps that go over the seam, snap-on systems, lock and seam systems, and so on. Here is a brief description of the most common methods used.

Field Locking System

When laying the metal panels, a unique locking tool is used to join the panels by forming a seam in the field. This is a commonly used fastening method in metal roofs.

Snap Lock

In the snap lock system, when you place the adjoining metal panels side by side, one panel snaps onto the next locking it in place over the fasteners and clips. This hides the fastenings and clips from view.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Postive Locking Seam

With the positive locking system of the panels, there are no extra caps, strips or clips to install. One panel is hooked on to the next and joined by metal fasteners that go through pre-punched holes. The panels go over the fasteners concealing them.

Continuous Standing Seam

The lock and seam are an integral part of the panels, and no extra caps are needed. The standing seam metal roof panels can be prefabricated and shipped or bent on-site or at sheet metal fabrication shops.

Pitch Requirement For Metal Roofs With Continuous Standing Seam

The standing seam metal roofs are usually used for sloping roofs where a pitch is evident. Metal roofs can be installed even for small pitch differences. This metal roofing has been installed for a pitch of 2:12. So, it is not at all tough to have metal roofs for even small sloping roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Metals Used

Curious about the metals used for roofing? Copper, Zinc, Galvanized steel, Galvalume, Aluminum are the usual metals used in roofing. Copper metal roofs last for several decades even up to 150 years. In the first few decades after installation, the metal roof goes from bright copper color to dull copper green to full green. It acquires a patina due to exposure to the elements. This lovely green color gives the home a nice aged look and is unique to copper. Standing seam metal roof lasts for a long time. The sloping roofs shed ice and snow fast keeping the roof light and well ventilated. There is not much of a problem of snow or ice buildup as is frequently seen with other types of roofs. Standing seam metal roofs are both a modern and versatile, offering homeowners a fabulous choice in roofing when building stylish homes.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors Choice:

The standing seam metal roofs are available in a broad range of colors. Each company selling the roofs has its own color palette. Apart from guarantees for the roof panels and water tightness of the roof, most companies also offer standard guarantees for the roofing colors too.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost:

Standing seam metal roof prices may seem initially high-priced when compared to asphalt roofing shingles. But, the lifespan of the asphalt shingles is 15-30 years. At the end of this period, they need replacement. On the other hand, metal roofs last typically for 50 years or more. Copper roofs can last up to 150 years. So, even if the initial costs are higher the standing seam metal roof last far longer, so it saves you money over the long term.

Commercial Roofing

Houston, TX Roofing Contractors

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Local Roofing Companies

Local industrial and commercial roofing contractors offer industrial, commercial, and domestic roofing services throughout Houston and surrounding area. They offer re-roofing, maintenance, and repair services, and cladding and asbestos removals. Most provide flat pitch roofing and refurbishing, conversion options, tiling and guttering, and safety netting. Almost all offer a free roofing inspection

A Job For Professionals

Roofing is a complicated business, and whether your project involves new construction, commercial roofing repair Houston, or continuing maintenance of an existing roof, you want to trust your roofing needs tor the expert staff. When you a need commercial roofing in Houston, You want skilled workmen who will first provide a complete inspection of your premises before deciding on the best way to proceed. You’ll want to know that all of the work will be conducted in accordance with proper guidelines and building regulations.

Protect Your Warranty

A key factor for retaining a warranty on new builds is regularly scheduled maintenance. Regular maintenance also keeps a minor leak from becoming major damage in older buildings. Some companies offer a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Regardless of the style or age of your roofing or cladding, roofing professionals will find the right solution for you. During a roofing refurbishment, they will closely examine gutters and other roofing elements to ensure that they still meet all your needs. After the initial project is completed, skilled personnel will also conduct regular inspections of your building to ensure that all is as it should be. With professional services, you will have the confidence of knowing that serious roofing problems will be avoided and that your roof will be strong and functional for many, many years.

All Specialties Are Covered

You can find those who specialize in every kind of roof including shingles, shakes, metal, tile and much more. Some have insurance specialists, who will also work with your insurance company to repair or replace your roof after storm or hail damage. Many also offer 24-hour emergency roof repair services, because nothing is worse than a leaking roof in the middle of the night.

Water Damage

Water Damage Requires Professional Help

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 Water Damage

Leaking Water Pipe

Water damage can occur for many reasons. These range from man-made causes like broken pipes, water left running in a bathtub or toilet to natural disasters like heavy rain, prolonged bad weather or even hurricanes. But whatever the cause and whether you are a business or a homeowner, you should understand that waiting for even a day can make the difference between a reasonably fast and economical repair versus a lengthy and costly repair. You should take a little time to understand the importance and urgency of drying the affected areas out quickly and removing any damage that cannot be repaired. The water damage restoration company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that you contact should offer a turnaround time of 24 hours or less. The sooner they get started on tearing out the damage that can’t be repaired and drying out areas that can be saved, the cheaper and faster the repair will proceed. Water damage repair experts generally agree that the worst damage happens when water is left in an area for more than 48 hours. Obviously, this means getting an expert out to your home as soon as possible. There are also potential health risks if the water damage if left to sit for too long. Mold and mildew can start growing. Black mold is a particularly nasty problem that needs to be addressed immediately, especially if you have children in the home.

Water Extraction

When you need emergency water extraction (which means removing any standing water in your home or business), you should call a few companies to see how fast they can get a certified water damage technician to start the water damage extraction process. Experienced companies should have no problem getting the water extraction done fast and affordably. The equipment used in water extraction today is quite sophisticated. State-of-the-art equipment is a must.


Serious water damage, like you would get during a flood, requires an equally serious response. Not only does all the standing water need to be extracted, all of the wet areas have to be dried out completely. These areas should also be chemically treated quickly to minimize any lasting problems with the moisture. It doesn’t take much moisture to get mold growing and spreading. Remember, much of the damage may not be visible. Your water damage restoration expert will know what to look for and you should be prepared to have carpeting and walls removed in serious flooding cases. Remember, speed is of the essence in a water damaged property situation.

Water Damage Restoration

In order to keep the water damage restoration cost as low as possible, you experts should make sure the extraction of water is performed quickly. Not only will this reduce your costs, it also reduces ongoing damage from things such as mold and black mold. Don’t forget that damaged furniture can cause as many problems as soaked carpeting or sheetrocked walls. These areas can be treated with special (and safe) chemicals to decrease the chances that mold and for microbial growth will occur. Your personal property also has a greater chance of surviving the flood if it is attended to right away. All electrical components such as appliances-lamps, essentially anything that uses electricity and was affected by the water damage, has to be dealt with right away. There is a very high chance for dangerous electrical short circuits if electricity is left to run in water damaged areas.